How Are Real Christmas Trees Grown?

large farm of christmas trees

When you visit our farm and see our vast range of real Christmas trees, you may be wondering how they are grown or how long it takes for them to reach their magnificent height and get their full branches. After reading this you may be surprised at just how special your Christmas tree actually is. 

How long do our trees take to grow? 

At The Real Christmas Tree Farm in Berkhamsted, we don’t just supply you and your family with the best quality Christmas trees. From our wonderful farm nestled in the centre of Ashridge forest, we grow your Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes, from a Norway Spruce up to 60ft tall to a Nordmann Fir up to 25 feet, there are no limits to growing the perfect Christmas tree for you. 

From the time that we plant a seed, it can take anywhere from six to ten years for it to grow and flourish into a tree that is fit for your living room, sometimes even longer for our larger trees. Over the course of the growing period, the trees are expertly cared for and are regularly pruned to ensure that they grow with the best quality branches and are full of foliage for you to hang your decorations on.

So now you can really see just how special your real Christmas tree actually is and how much time and care goes into growing a real tree for you and your family’s living room. This shows that a good quality tree from our farm has far more sentimental value than an artificial tree that has probably been produced in less than an hour from an unsustainable source. Perfection takes time and our trees are grown sustainably and provide an eco-friendly way for you to enjoy Christmas. 

Can I grow my own tree? 

Yes! With the proper care and attention, you could grow your own Christmas tree and it will be ready for your living room in a good few years. Growing your own tree will allow you to appreciate what goes into a real tree and the difference when compared to its artificial counterparts. You will get the wonderful smell and feel of a real tree from the comfort of your back garden. We recommend asking one of our experts on the farm for some top tips before you give it a go.

It’s all down to you.

At our farm, we make sure that once our trees have grown to their full potential, they can be passed on to you with confidence that they will last the entire festive period. However, it’s still important that you take good care of your tree just as we have for the past few years. We recommend reading our blog on how to care for your tree so you can get some top tips on ensuring that your tree lasts throughout the entire festive period. 

Our delivery service

If you don’t feel that you can take your tree home safely and with proper care, we offer a delivery service to anyone within a 15-mile radius of our farm.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other questions about caring for your Christmas Tree.


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