A family-run business

The Goose Hill Farm has been established for over 30 years as a family-run business.

With over 30 acres of Berkhamsted Christmas Trees, we are one of the largest farms in the area. This allows us to offer you the best prices for all the trees you need, whether it is for domestic or commercial use. Come and see a wide range of Christmas trees from 3ft to 35ft. We prune our trees every year so you can rest assured they are healthy and in best shape to be the central point of decoration in your house this Christmas. If you are in or around Berkhamsted, Luton, Layton Buzzard and more, contact us today.

Tree Accessories

Say hello to our friendly farm staff and enjoy a wonderful festive experience for all the family. Our staff will always go the extra mile, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping the tree and putting it in the car. We stock a range of Christmas tree and display accessories for you to browse and get into the festive spirit with.
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Freshly Cut Trees

All of the trees will sell to you are freshly cut within days of your purchase, and thus will easily last well into the new year. All trees are grown on our farm, so we can assure quality of the highest standards. We’l help you choose the perfect size and shape for you and advise you in how to keep your tree at its best: it’s all part of the service at G.I Rogers & Son.

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Our Products