Tree Care & FAQ

Caring For Your Tree

Don’t forget that our Christmas Trees are still living things and require a little tender care to keep them looking beautiful throughout the season.

It’s important to make sure that the last 2cm of the trunk is removed before you put it in the stand as the sap from the tree can easily cover over the tree’s delicate vessels and seal them up which blocks it from absorbing any water. This process usually takes around three hours though, so if you’ve not got a long journey you can always ask us to prepare it for you.

However, you should never cut away the bark to create a V-shape on the bottom of your tree; this will greatly increase its ability to absorb water. Don’t forget to water your tree daily once you’ve got it situated, our trees drink a surprising amount of water and it’ll help to keep it supple and prevent it from drying out.

We strongly recommend that you never let the bottom of the tree dry out. It’s also suggested by many that adding a little sugar to your tree’s water will help it last even longer. You might want to try it!

Christmas Tree FAQs

Got any questions about our trees and how to care for them? We’ll answer them here and if we’ve not covered your question, don’t hestitate to get in touch!


We supply trees from 3ft to 35ft. If you’re looking for a large Christmas tree from us, you can always get in touch to find out more. We’ve got more information about our large Christmas trees here.

We do sell Wholesale Christmas trees! From florists to garden centres, we can supply any business with Christmas trees your customers will fall in love with.

A good general rule is that it will be around half its height at the widest point. So a 10ft Christmas tree will be around 5ft wide. It’s important to measure your Christmas tree space before you come down to us, make sure you know how tall and how wide your Christmas tree can be!

No, we have a friendly and helpful team to guide your Christmas tree experience from picking to packing your tree. But of course its up to you: we want to make your experience amazing so feel free to wrap your own tree!

This really depends on you and what you have in mind. If you’d like to get hold of your tree nice and early, we recommend the Nordmann Fir as it will last up to four weeks and has better needle retention.

If you’ve not got as much space or you’re after a fresh Christmas scent and you’re happy to wait until closer to the day, our Norway Spruces will be perfect for you.

Yes, our trees are sustainable! For every tree that we cut, we plant at least another and there are no waste products on our farm: we produce logs from trees not suitable for your Christmas display.

We do! Take a look below to find out more.

We provide a free delivery service within a 10 mile radius of HP4. Get in touch today to arrange your delivery!

Of course you can! We don’t just supply Christmas trees but mistletoe, holly wreaths and lights to complete your festive display.


You should make sure that your tree is away from any sources of heat (like a fire or radiator.) Keep it away from any candles and in a large enough space to allow ventilation to prevent the tree from becoming damp.

You should cut the bottom of your tree (around 1/4 of an inch) or ask us to do this for you. Otherwise your tree will cover the base of its trunk with athin layer of sap, which stops it from being able to absorb any water. This cut should be made straight (not at an angle) to help ensure the tree can still absorb water.

You should make sure that the base of your tree is always submerged in water and not allowed to dry out. Water it daily with room temperature water.

Yes, it’s normal for a tree to drop some needles at first, usually due to the disruption of transport. This should settle down and you shouldnt experience much needle drop after the tree has swettled in, especially if you’ve opted for a normann fir.

You can feed your tree with sugar water if you’d like but it’s not necessary.

We can help you choose the right stand fir the size of your tree. It’s important to choose one of the right size and not whittle away the bark or cut an angle on the trunk in order to fit the trunk into the stand. This reduces the amount of water a tree can absorb