A Family’s Guide to Visiting a Christmas Tree Farm

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With Christmas on the horizon, the festive spirit is happily sweeping through the country! As the twinkling lights spring up and the familiar jingle of festive carols begin to play, it’s high time we start preparing for the season’s joy. One of the most thrilling experiences during this season is venturing out as a family to pick out the ultimate Christmas tree from a farm. It’s an extraordinarily magical affair overflowing with delight, chuckles, and heaps of Christmas enchantment! So, are you ready to kick-start this wonderful adventure with us? Buckle up, and let’s go!

Selecting the Ultimate Christmas Tree

Taking a trip to the Christmas tree farm is more than just about picking out a tree; it’s a chance to create cherished memories with your family! Turn it into an exciting learning experience for your children. Teach them about all the different kinds of trees such as the Balsam Fir, Fraser fir, the Norway Spruce, the Nordmann Fir, and more. Every tree is unique, for example, the Balsam fir is renowned for its strong fragrance, while the Fraser fir is beloved for its sturdy branches. The thrill lies in the chase to discover the faultless tree that will take centre stage in your family’s Christmas festivities.

Join in the Whirlwind of Fun Activities

Most Christmas tree farms offer a whirlwind of exciting activities. Keep a sharp lookout for these. You can often take part in a ride around the farm on a festive tractor or sleigh, you may get the chance to pet farm animals, or let your kids explore the play areas. Don’t forget to check out the festive craft workshops, too where you can create gorgeous decorations for your new tree. Embrace these experiences to ensure a day filled with entertainment, laughter, and priceless family bonding time.

Bring Along Your Essential Tools and Equipment

While many farms provide the essential tools like saws and nets to assist in choosing and carrying your tree, it would be sensible to come prepared. Bring along a measuring tape to confirm your tree is the correct size for your home and don’t forget to bring a sturdy pair of gloves.

Don’t Miss the Tasty Treats

Exploring and questing for the perfect tree can work up quite an appetite! Fortunately, many Christmas tree farms host a delightful range of festive food. Look forward to roasted chestnuts, hot chocolate, mince pies and mulled cider – a delicious treat awaits! Be sure to indulge and add that extra dollop of joy to your day.

Snap Some Memorable Photos

Remember to pack your camera or smartphone as there will be countless photo opportunities. Adorable pictures while strolling amongst the rows of trees, capturing your ‘aha’ moment when you’ve located ‘the one’, and catching delightful family moments – these will make splendid memories to look back on and treasure forever.

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Recycle Your Family Tree

After the celebrations are over, avoid just discarding your tree. Many Christmas tree farms provide a chipping service, transforming your beloved tree into useful mulch. Alternatively, see if your local council operates a Christmas tree recycling scheme. By recycling the tree, you’re keeping our festive spirit eco-friendly too!There’s no denying it – a visit to a Christmas tree farm serves as the enchanting start we all yearn for in the lead up to Christmas. A cherished journey of laughter, joy and love awaits. So, this year, wrap up warm, pile into the car, and get ready for a heart warming family adventure.May your Christmas be filled with sparkle, happiness, and unity – and may your family Christmas tree, be it fragrant fir or spiralling spruce, bring warmth and brightness into your cosy homes!Get in touch with our team at Th Real Christmas Tree Farm to learn more about our farm and what it has to offer.


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