How to Decorate Your Natural Christmas Tree Like a Pro

Decorated Natural Christmas Tree
Are you ready to dress the house and animate your Natural Christmas tree? Duties await! We’re about to guide you on an exciting journey filled with twinkling lights, impressive decorations, and everyone’s firm favourite – decorating the Christmas tree!

Select the Ideal Tree

First and foremost, choosing the appropriate Natural Christmas tree is crucial. Measure the spot where you plan to place your tree and don’t forget to consider the additional height of your tree-topper. Deciding between a Fir, Pine, or Spruce, prioritise longevity, scent, and appearance is key.

Start With Lighting

Starting from the base, begin to wind your Christmas lights around the tree. The winning strategy here? Don’t skimp on the lights. It’s far easier to tone it down later if needed. Ensure your lights are evenly spread across sections – the more the merrier!

Choose a Colour Scheme

Adopting a colour scheme gives your tree a unique, magical feel. Are you a fan of traditional green and red? Or do you prefer cool blue and silver? Perhaps, you’re fond of trendy rose gold and white? Whichever you prefer, follow through with your accessories to achieve a harmonious look.

Ornaments, Glorious Ornaments!

Now, onto the shimmer, the sparkle, and the conversation pieces – your ornaments. Start with your bulkiest ornaments, spacing them evenly around the tree before filling in the gaps with smaller décor items. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules. Feel free to break the norm and use your creativity.

Variation in Decor

To create visual intrigue, opt for a variety of ornament shapes and sizes. Baubles, stars, angels, snowflakes; go with whatever you fancy. Texture is key too – consider glossy, matte, glittery, and rustic finishes to ignite visual appeal.

Don’t Forget the Tree Topper

No tree is complete without a stunning tree topper. A traditional angel? A sparkling star? A decorative bow? The choice is yours. However, make sure it complements your chosen colour scheme and stands out from your other ornaments.

Take a Step Back

Sometimes, we get too close to the canvas and can’t view the picture in all its glory. Take a step back now and again, check for gaps, uneven décor distribution, and whether the overall aesthetic is pleasing to the eye. You don’t want to finish only to take two steps back and discover you’ve missed a spot!

Round it Off with a Skirt

In conclusion, a tree skirt greatly enhances your tree aesthetic and hides the rather unattractive tree stand. Opt for a plush tree skirt that complements the colour scheme of your tree.And there you have it! Eight fantastic steps to have your natural Christmas tree looking stunning and professional. Dressing your Natural Christmas tree can be an exciting adventure – savour every moment of it and let your festive creativity flow!

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This Christmas, may your home be filled with warmth, your heart with love, and your natural Christmas tree with sparkling charm as you dress it like a total pro – Ho, Ho, Ho!Check out our collection of natural Christmas trees or get in touch to find out more.


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