How to Care for Your Natural Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Every festive season, households around the world welcome the beauty and scent of real Christmas trees into their homes. However, preserving the vibrant charm and festivity of these trees requires more than simply positioning them in a stand and dressing them with ornaments. Here are some tips on how to look after your real Christmas tree, ensuring it maintains its beauty throughout the holiday season.

Select A Fresh Tree

Begin by selecting a tree that’s fresh. To make sure you’re picking a fresh tree, aim for one that is green, moist and has flexible needles. You can test the freshness of a tree by lightly pulling on a branch. If needles are easily dislodged, the tree may be too dry.

Adapt Your Tree

Once you bring your tree home, allow it to get used to your home’s conditions before decorating. This usually means letting the tree rest in a garage or sheltered porch for a day or two that’s not heated. This adjustment can help prevent shock from abrupt changes in temperature or humidity.

Trim the Base

Following this, chop a small section of the tree trunk off the bottom. This helps the tree to absorb water more effectively, extending its freshness. Generally, about 1 to 2 centimetres is the ideal amount. It’s important to place the tree in water as soon as possible after making this cut. 

Trimming Christmas Tree

Choose the Right Stand

When selecting a stand for your real Christmas tree, ensure it matches the tree’s size and has a sufficient water reservoir, ideally one quart per inch of trunk diameter. Opt for a stand with a sturdy, wide base for stability, and consider features like ease of setup, durability, and safety mechanisms. Also, look for stands that suit your tree type and protect your floor from scratches and water damage. Measure your tree’s specifications before purchasing and consider reading reviews for recommendations.

Keep It Hydrated & Place Safely

To keep your real Christmas tree hydrated, make a fresh cut at the bottom of the trunk before placing it in water immediately. Check and refill the water daily, ensuring it never drops below the tree’s base, and use plain tap water without additives. Position the tree away from heat sources and consider using a humidifier in dry environments. Avoid trimming the trunk’s sides to fit a stand, as the outer layers are crucial for water absorption.

Use Safe Decorations

Opt for decorations that are non-flammable or flame-retardant. Steer clear of using real candles on your tree, regardless of how traditional they are. Always unplug lights and electronic decorations when you’re not present.

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Maintain Cooler Temperatures

Keeping a cooler room temperature can help slow down your tree’s drying process, thereby extending its longevity. For the ideal Christmas tree climate, keep an indoor temperature in between 16º and 18º.


When Christmas is over, dispose of your tree responsibly. Many communities offer recycling programmes that transform your tree into mulch or wood chippings. Also never leave your tree inside your home or garage, or leaning against your house due to the risks of fire.Looking after a real Christmas tree may seem like a hard task, but with our straightforward steps, you can guarantee your tree stays vibrant and safe throughout the festive season. With the right care, your real Christmas tree will bring pleasure, warmth, and that distinct Christmas tree scent all holiday season long.To find out more get in touch with our team of seasoned experts.


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