How to Care for Your Real Christmas Tree

After your visit to our farm in Berkhamsted, you’ll be taking home a tree handed over to you in immaculate condition. Whether it be one of our grand Nordmann Fir variety or our traditional Norway Spruce, these trees will serve wonderfully as an ornament throughout the Christmas period. If they are taken care of properly!
christmas tree with light and ball balls

How to Transport your tree – When you have selected your tree, we recommend to not transport it home on your roof. If you can, take your tree home inside your car. Another tip is to avoid having the heating on too hot to prevent your tree from drying out.

Shake off any loose  foliage – When you arrive home, remove any netting on your tree and shake off any loose pines. This will make sure your tree doesn’t shed too much onto your floor.

Trim the trunk (optional) – We recommend cutting a few centimetres off from your tree trunk if you have a saw at hand. This will help your tree to remain in peak condition. Kind of like pruning your flowers!

Keep your tree in a safe place – When deciding where to store your tree it is important to consider a beneficial place to put your tree to prevent a possible fire hazard. We advise that you store your tree away from open fires and radiators. This will avoid your tree looking droopy and shedding its pines.

Water your tree – In order to keep your tree looking full, watering your tree daily is recommended to maintain a happy and hydrated tree. We recommend avoiding putting your tree in aggregates such as sand.

So now you know…

So now you know how to care for a real Berkhamsted Christmas tree!

Our delivery service

If you don’t feel that you can take your tree home safely and with proper care, we offer a delivery service to anyone within a 15-mile radius of our farm.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other questions about caring for your Christmas Tree.


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