Why Should You Buy a Real Christmas Tree?

Real Christmas Trees: Why They're The Best Option This Christmas!

In a world where plastic Christmas ornaments are always on offer, you may be left wondering whether a real tree is worthwhile this year. Well, we certainly think it is!

That’s why we’ve put together a couple of the best reasons we can think of for picking up a real Christmas tree this holiday season.

1. Appearance: A real Christmas tree looks more natural and ‘traditional’ than an artificial tree. Most artificial trees can look bare and synthetic. The scent of a real Christmas tree can also not be beaten by anything artificial; it radiates the Christmas spirit throughout your home.

2. Safety: Most artificial trees are made with harmful chemicals including PVC. PVC is known to release dioxins over time, which are a very toxic man-made chemical. Cheap artificial trees are also known to be very flammable which is not ideal when they are placed within your home.

3. Environment: Real trees provide habitats for wildlife and can stabilise soil, they are a very important part of the eco-system. Christmas trees are also one of the best trees for absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, which is why every time you buy a tree from us at G.I. Rogers & Sons we plant another!

4. No Storage: Unlike with an artificial tree once you have used your real tree for Christmas, depending on how well you looked after your tree indoors, there is a chance that you could re-plant your tree back into the ground outside or alternatively you could dispose of the tree and it would bio-degrade into the ground. We have tips on how to look after your tree here.

5. Family Fun: As an added benefit to picking up a real Christmas tree, you might well find yourself heading for an amazing afternoon of family fun. A trip out to a Real Christmas Tree Farm like ours is the perfect family activity, it’s guaranteed to get you all in the Christmas spirit.

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