How to Transport and Setup Your Big Christmas Tree

Transport Big Christmas Tree

Ah, the joy Christmas brings! The smell of fresh mince pies, the twinkling fairy lights, the laughter and cheer amongst loved ones, and last but not least – the Christmas tree. If you’ve chosen to go big and bold with your Christmas tree this holiday season, this article has got you covered.

As festive and fun as it is, getting large Christmas trees from the farm to your front room can feel more like a workout than anything else. So, get ready to deck the halls, as we’re about to share our top tips on how to handle that giant fir of yours.

Choosing the Ideal Tree

First and foremost, you need to pick the right tree. Evaluate your space where you plan to put it. Make sure the area isn’t near heat sources, has plenty of room and an accessible power source. When checking out the trees, aim for a symmetrical cone shape with evenly-spaced robust branches. 

Preparing for the Journey

Now that you have your dream tree, it’s time to get it home. If you’re eco-minded and have a tree bag (a large, sturdy bag specifically for transporting trees), make sure to bring it along. If not, there’s no need to worry. Many tree farms offer a netting service for easy transport.

Selecting the Ideal Transport

If possible, the best way to transport a tree is on a roof rack. However, be sure to place the tree stump facing forward to avoid wind damage. Fasten it securely with bungee cords or sturdy rope many times and check it’s secure with a good tug. If a roof rack isn’t available, the bed of a pick-up truck is your next best choice.

Arriving Home

Once home, saw off the bottom 2-5 cm of the large trunk. This fresh cut allows the tree to absorb water more readily. It’s vital to not delay this process – the tree should be positioned upright in water within 8 hours.

The Tree Stand

The tree stand is your secret weapon here. For a substantial tree, you’ll need a stand that can hold not only the weight of the tree but also a sufficient amount of water. Rule of thumb: for every cm of the tree’s diameter, the stand should accommodate a litre of water.

Setting Up the Tree

The critical moment – getting the tree upright is a two (or even three) person job. One person to hold the tree steady in the stand, the others to secure it. Wearing gloves is a good idea to avoid spiky needles!

Keep Hydrating

Did you know, large trees can get rather parched. Ensure the water level never drops below the base of the tree trunk. If the fresh cut gets dry, resin can seal it, which then prevents the tree from absorbing water.

Time to Decorate!

Finally, the fun part – dressing the tree! The general rule is 100 fairy lights and 20 baubles for every foot of tree height. Begin from the top, working your way downwards in a zigzag manner. Hang heavier ornaments from stronger branches closer to the trunk. And save that special decoration for the final touch!

With these expert tips, you’ll no doubt have your large Christmas tree standing proud, shimmering, and adding a festive charm to every corner of your home. So, brew a steaming mug of hot chocolate, play your preferred Christmas tunes, and let’s get this tree-dressing party underway! Ding-Dong, let the festivities begin!

Head on down to our Christmas tree farm to find the perfect big christmas treeOr simply contact our team to find out more about real Christmas trees whether that be big or small.


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