The UK’s Real Christmas Tree Shop

Our British Christmas Tree Farm

At The Real Christmas Tree Shop, we have a variety of Christmas trees on offer. All our trees are grown directly on our farm in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire UK. We grow two types of trees, the Nordmann Fir which is the most popular due to its bushy looks and ability to retain its needles. And the Norway Spruce, which is the traditional Christmas tree with a beautiful scent and a lovely shape.

Our trees come in a variety of sizes from 3ft all the way to a massive 60ft. We can supply for home or commercial use and we even offer a wholesale service if you require multiple trees. We have been growing real Christmas trees for over 30 years and prune all of our trees yearly to ensure all our trees are top quality and the perfect shape.

Here at G.I. Rogers’ Christmas Tree Farm, we don’t just sell real Christmas trees. We also sell hardwood logs which are perfect for fires, tree stands for all sizes of tree, tree decorations and holly wreaths. You can browse all these products in our real Christmas Tree Shop in Hertfordshire.


Why Choose Us For Your Christmas Tree?

As one of the largest Real Christmas Tree Shop’s in the UK we pride ourselves in being part of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association.

We strive to ensure all our trees are grown in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. For every tree that is brought from us, we replant another. This ensures the sustainability of our real Christmas tree farm. Each one of our trees is carbon neutral as they take in CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow, which is used as they are transported.

It is our mission to provide each and every person who visits our farm with a Christmas tree that has been lovingly grown and will last throughout the holiday period. This pledge drives us to make sure we are always looking to improve and innovate the ways in which we grow our trees.

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