The Benefits of A Real Christmas Tree

On our humble Christmas Tree Farm in Berkhamsted, we pride ourselves on growing the highest quality trees in our local area for you and your family to enjoy over the Christmas season. We believe the benefits of a real Christmas tree are endless.
snowy farm of christmas trees

I think we can all agree that having a real Christmas tree feels a lot more magical than anything that could be artificially made. While a real tree might make a bit of a mess and need a little bit more maintenance, we believe that true Christmas spirit comes from owning a Real Christmas tree. Below we have explained the benefits of a real tree and why it is a no-brainer for your household over the Christmas period.

The Authenticity Of A Real Tree

We can all agree that the smell of a Real Christmas tree adds that bit of festive magic to your living room. It builds an atmosphere, clears the air of bad smells, and makes Christmas day under the tree that bit more special. Unlike their artificial counterparts. Real Christmas trees produce a sappy substance called oleoresin to defend against a wide range of pathogens and pests. This is what gives your tree that wonderful scent.

An authentic real Christmas tree is like seeing a real reindeer at Christmas vs a plastic reindeer. One is a lot more boring, but the other is way more fun and magical for your family. However you decide to decorate your home at Christmas, we can agree that you want to make it as real and full of spirit as possible. A real tree is bound to achieve this with its incredible smell and authentic feel and appearance.

The Day Out

At the Real Christmas Tree Farm in Berkhamsted, we make sure to give you and your loved ones an enjoyable and magical day out searching for your perfect tree. The fun of visiting a farm and rummaging through our vast selection of trees provides fun for you and the kids. Watching your tree get wrapped can provide an education on how the process of owning a real tree works. Also, to ensure that your tree sustains no damage on its journey to your living room.

Environmental Benefits

Without the demand from those at Christmas who desire a real tree, we would be out of a job and the environment would be impacted to a bigger extent than you may realise. To put it into perspective, one acre of our Christmas trees provides approximately enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe every day. The benefits of a real tree are endless for our planet. Wanting to own a real tree is a guilt-free practice with the growing demand meaning only that more trees are planted, absorbing more carbon dioxide and helping our environment to thrive.

A single tree can absorb up to one tonne of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. When we compare the environmental impact of an artificial tree vs a real Berkhamsted Christmas tree, its obvious who comes out on top. 85% of all artificial trees are imported from China, 100% of our trees are grown in your local area in Berkhamsted. Come on down and do your bit for the environment and the industry that we care so much about.


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