Real Christmas Tree Shop UK

Looking for Christmas Trees for sale in the UK

Look no further than Real Christmas Tree Farm who offer high-quality Christmas trees at a low and affordable price. We are based in Berkhamsted and have been providing our trees for the last 30 years so we know a healthy tree when we see one.

We offer a variety of Christmas Trees with different styles, heights and scents but what stays the same is the quality of the trees we provide. With Nordmann Fir and Norway Spruce on offer, we can guarantee there will be a tree perfect for your Christmas celebrations.

With our Tree Farm being based and operating in the heart of Hertfordshire, Berkhamsted this allows us to deliver to any nearby areas ready for the Christmas season.

To find out more about us and the trees we offer, feel free to check out our Christmas Trees section where you will find all of the information you could ever want.


Why Choose Us?

We’re located in Berkhamsted which is located a short distance from major motorways such as the M1, M25 and the A41.

All of our trees are of the highest quality and are grown on our very own farm allowing you to choose your own tree and see every part of it.

We can guarantee the best prices across the whole of the UK and we can compete with any Christmas trees that are on sale.

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