Natural Christmas Trees

Our Christmas Trees

At The Real Christmas Tree Farm, we have a range of trees that are perfect for commercial and domestic use. Our trees range from 3ft tall, all the way to an impressive 60ft. You can freely walk around all the natural Christmas trees on our farm and pick the perfect one for you!

We hand grow all our trees right here on our UK farm. Every year we prune all our trees to ensure each one is of the best quality, size and shape ready for Christmas. Each tree is usually half its height in width, at its widest point. So a 10ft tall Christmas tree will generally be around 5ft wide.


Nordmann Firs

This is by far the most popular Christmas tree in the UK. This type of tree is bushier and retains its needles better than other types of natural Christmas trees. The needles of this tree are also relatively soft making this a very family-friendly tree. Nordmann Firs, if cared for well, should last up to four weeks, so if you like to put your tree up early this is the tree for you.


Norway Spruces

If your looking for a ‘traditional’ Christmas tree this is the one for you. They have the distinctive Christmassy scent and branches that are perfect for hanging decorations on. Norway Spruces are much richer in colour and have a fuller shape than Nordmann Firs. So if you want a traditional tree this is the one for you.

The Real Christmas Tree farm also offers a Christmas tree delivery service if you are based within 10 miles of the HP4 postcode. You can either visit our farm and pick out your own tree or you can simply shop online and we will deliver the tree straight to your door.


Christmas Tree Delivery Service

Do you need your Christmas Tree delivered to you? That’s where we come in. After you have chosen the tree that you want for this Christmas season we will pack and deliver it to you in immaculate condition.

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