Large Christmas Trees Inspire Innovation in Corporate Spaces

Large Christmas Tree

In the Christmas season, professional spaces undergo a mesmerising transformation, epitomised by the magnificent centrepiece – The Large Christmas Tree. More than just a holiday staple, these large Christmas trees bring a sense of awe and grandeur, especially when they stand tall in a corporate lobby or shopping centre. Replacing smaller, more traditional decorations, these lofty artefacts stir a sense awe, becoming a testament to innovative, extravagant holiday decor.

More Than Just Tree Suppliers – Growing Your Festive Dreams

At Real Christmas Tree Farm, our expertise lies in growing elegant Christmas trees right in the heart of Ashridge Forest. Our forest is home to towering Norway Spruce trees, reaching up to an impressive 60 feet in height, and Nordmann Fir trees, growing up to 25 feet. These amazing trees with their sheer scale are a sight to behold; the typical height of these trees ranges from 20 to 100 feet, leaving ample room for creative improvisations for unique decorations, tailor-made to match the aesthetic of your corporate environment.

Seamless Delivery and Installation at Your Doorstep

To ensure a smooth and stress-free holiday season, we offer nationwide delivery for all orders of large Christmas trees. Furthermore, for local areas such as Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead and Aylesbury, we strive to deliver not just products, but experiences, offering installation services to set your large Christmas trees for a spectacular display in your professional space.

christmas tree with decorations

Tailored Services: Creating a Mesmerising Display of Christmas Joy

Our services exceed just providing towering Christmas trees. Empathy drives our understanding of the diverse needs of our clients for their corporate spaces during the festive season. Whether its an office reception area, shopping centre or a public square, we do not just adorn these trees with tinsel, baubles, lights and ribbons, but strive to create a magical phenomenon that casts a warm glow over the entire corporate space.

The Grandeur of Large Christmas Trees: More Than Just Decor

Large Christmas trees are not just visually stunning but also serve as effective marketing instruments. Their impressive stature provides an excellent backdrop for Christmas-themed promotional events, creating an amplified brand awareness.

Sustainability: Integrating Greens with Greener Practices

We recognise the importance of sustainability in modern business practices and that is why it stands at the forefront of our operations. Purchasing one of our large Christmas trees does not just mean bringing home a festive decoration, but also contributing to a greener earth. For every large Christmas tree that is purchased from our farm, we commit to planting a new tree. 

Man touching top of large christmas tree

Encouraging Innovation and Community, One Tree at a Time

As part of evolving corporate traditions, these giant Christmas trees serve as a central gathering spot, fostering a sense of community amongst employees and visitors alike. Combined with technology, like synchronised light shows and interactive mobile applications, the trees spring to life, offering a shared experience that transcends the traditional working environment.

Branding with A Touch of Christmas

Finally, personalising these trees to match your corporate identity or brand creates a broader visual impact. Using company-specific colours and elements in the tree’s design, businesses can effectively utilise these trees as vibrant, living logos.

Standing Tall, Aspiring High

In conclusion, the grand spectacle of large Christmas trees in corporate spaces extends beyond traditional Christmas decor. Symbolising a fusion of tradition and modern corporate culture, these trees stand tall reminding us of the Christmas spirit: to aspire high and stand firm in the face of challenges. Bright, shining, and grand, these large Christmas trees continue to redefine holiday cheer in corporate spaces. Allow us, at Real Christmas Tree Farm, to add that extra ounce of Christmas magic to your professional areas – we make festive celebrations easy, extravagant, and truly unforgettable.


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