Commercial Christmas Trees

Commercial Christmas Trees

Looking to make this year’s Christmas event extra special? Our Commercial Christmas Trees are just the thing to make your holiday event spectacular. We offer trees up to 35ft that will really bring the wow factor! Our trees are pruned yearly so you can guarantee they are healthy and of top quality, so they are ready to be the center point of your big occasion.

When you purchase commercial Christmas trees from G.I Roger and Sons we guarantee sustainability, with every tree that is purchased at least one is planted. Also, with the trees we deem unusable for display, we create logs from them to sell and use right here on our farm!

To create the perfect commercial display we offer to supply stands, lights, and decorations for all our trees, we also can attach garlands to buildings for our largest trees. These services are carried out by our skilled installation and decorating team who have had years of experience.

We have over 30 acres of land making us one of the largest farms in the area, this allows us to offer the best prices for all our trees. We take pride in knowing all our beautiful trees are grown right here on our farm to produce a little bit of Christmas for you.

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