Chesham Christmas Tree Farm

Beautiful Real Christmas Trees in Chesham

Want a change this Christmas? Our beautiful Real Christmas Trees are just the thing to make that change, to your holiday decorations. Add the wow factor this Christmas. Visit Chesham Christmas Tree Farm to get your top-quality tree today.

We are based at Goose Hill Farm. We have been established here for over 30 years perfecting our trees to be healthy. Pruning our trees every year ensures they are in the best shape and quality. The trees are ready to be taken home, decorated, and placed in the center of your home.

Our Goose Hill Farm is also the perfect winter destination, with Christmas trees as far as the eye can see it will definitely get you and the family in high festive spirits. You can wander around the Nordmann Fir’s and Norway’s Spruces to select the perfect tree for you.

We offer a range of trees from 3ft to 35ft, home or commercial. So we will be able to find the perfect tree for you and your home. But make sure to measure your space before you come down so our team can find you your perfect-sized tree.

Commercial Christmas trees are also available. They can come in sizes up to 60ft tall! These would make an amazing display in any area. Our helpful team is trained in creating the most perfect Christmas displays and we can assist you in every step of the installation.

At G.I Rogers and Sons you don’t have to worry about our sustainability, for every tree that is purchased we plant at least one every time! Any time we don’t approve a tree to be for display purposes we turn that tree into logs which we sell or use on-site!

With a Chesham Christmas Tree at the center of your decorations, you are guaranteed to have your own little winter wonderland at home. We also offer lights, trees, and stands for our trees which our friendly decoration team will be more than happy to help you pick.

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