Berkhamsted Commercial Christmas Trees

Commercial Christmas Trees

Hosting a big Event in Berkhamsted this Christmas? We have the perfect commercial tree for you! A large commercial Christmas tree is one of the must-have features of a Christmas event, but finding the right one can be difficult. Here at G.I. Roger & Sons we offer a wide range of large real trees perfect for any event.

Our trees range from 3ft to 60ft, and we have experts who can advise the perfect size for your event. Our trees are hand-grown and pruned yearly to ensure the best quality and shape. At G.I. Rogers & Sons, we take pride in providing the best quality trees whether it’s for home or commercial use.

Transporting a real tree of that size can be difficult. That’s why we do it for you. Our experts will package your tree and transport it right to the place of installation, if you’re within a 15-mile radius of our real Christmas tree farm.

The sustainability of our farm is one of the most important factors, so whenever you buy a tree from us, another tree is replanted. If one of our trees does not meet our expectations, we do not destroy it, but simply create another use for it. We mainly turn low-quality trees into logs which we also sell or directly use on our farm.


Wholesale Trees

If your event doesn’t have space for one of our large commercial Christmas trees, don’t worry, we can still help find the perfect balance. With our wholesale service, you can select your own trees while we advise the ideal size in the quantity that you require.

Our process is made to be stress-free. We offer a hands-off approach, in which you can give our experts some knowledge on your requirements and they will get to it, selecting, chopping. wrapping, preparing and delivering straight to you. Or if you want to be more involved you can wander around our farm hand-picking your favourite trees.


Christmas Tree Delivery Service

Do you need your Christmas Tree delivered to you? That’s where we come in.

After you have chosen the tree that you want for this Christmas season we will pack and deliver it to you in immaculate condition.

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