About Our Christmas Trees

Our Trees

Our two favourite trees are the Nordmann Fir and the Norway Spruce. Probably the two most popular Christmas tree types in the UK, and for good reason. The Nordmann Fir is by far the most popular Christmas tree in the UK. These Christmas trees are bushy and retain their needles better, compared to other types of trees. Its counterpart, the Norway Spruce, is the traditional Christmas tree, it has a beautiful scent, and a lovely shape if kept well. If cut fresh and looked after it will last right through the Christmas period. We thought we would give you a bit of information about the tradition behind these two trees.


The Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce originates from Scandinavia and was originally grown in the mountainous areas of Europe. The Norway spruce has become a widespread tree in the UK having been reintroduced in the 1800s. Mainly used as a Christmas tree, other uses include using the spruce to make timber for construction and also to make paper.

A reason why the tree has become so popular in the UK is down to Prince Albert. He used the tree in the 1800s and adopted a German tradition of decorating the tree with candles at Christmas. This introduced the idea of a Christmas tree to the UK. Thanks to Prince Albert we can grow and gift these beautiful trees to you as charming little trees for your living room.


The Nordmann Fir

Everyone’s favourite tree, the Nordmann Fir has a rich history and tradition as a hearty and reliable tree. Originating from mountain ranges in Russia it was discovered by a Finnish explorer named Alexander Von Nordmann. This tree was later named the Nordmann Fir in his honour.

The mountain range where our favourite tree was discovered, named the Caucasus is a 750-mile-long series of mountainous terrain. It stretches across Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. With our trees originating from such tough terrain and conditions, you can be sure that they will last the Christmas season in your living room.


Why We Grow These Trees

Growing the two most important trees in British Christmas tradition is our duty. To be able to supply you with a bushy and worthy real Christmas Tree for your home is a must from the real Christmas Tree Farm in Berkhamsted. In order to ensure that you are happy with your trees, all of our real Christmas trees are freshly cut to ensure the highest quality for the entire festive season. Moreover, we deliver them right to your door for ultimate convenience. We also supply large real Christmas Trees for shopping centres, business reception areas, schools, churches, town centres, and hotels in areas such as Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead, and Aylesbury. This makes sure that our traditional trees spread the festive spirit across our local area.

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