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Tree Care

Christmas Tree Care

Don’t forget that our Christmas Trees are still living things and require a little tender care to keep them looking beautiful throughout the season. 

It’s important to make sure that the last 2cm of the trunk is removed before you put it in the stand as the sap from the tree can easily cover over the tree’s delicate vessels and seal them up which blocks it from absorbing any water.
This process usually takes around three hours though, so if you’ve not got a long journey you can always ask us to prepare it for you.

However, you should never cut away the bark to create a V-shape on the bottom of your tree; this will greatly increase its ability to absorb water.
Don’t forget to water your tree daily once you’ve got it situated, our trees drink a surprising amount of water and it’ll help to keep it supple and prevent it from drying out. 

We strongly recommend that you never let the bottom of the tree dry out. It’s also suggested by many that adding a little sugar to your tree’s water will help it last even longer. You might want to try it!

You should also keep the tree in cool surroundings and prevent it from getting dried out by being too close to a fireplace or radiator.

Norway Spruce or Nordmann Fir?

Need some help deciding which tree to choose?

Norway Spruce’s have:

  • A traditional, pyramid shape
  • A deep Christmas scent
  • A more affordable price

Nordmann Fir’s have:

  • A lower needle-drop rate 
  • A glossy deep green colour
  • Softer and more flexible needles
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