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We all know what the problem with artificial Christmas Trees is for our environment- the plastic eventually ends up in a landfill and adding to our planet’s plastic pollution. Add to that the emissions released in producing an artificial Christmas Tree and transporting it (often half-way across the world) and we can see why they’re a highly unsustainable option.

Celebrating the joy of Christmas shouldn’t cost our planet’s wellbeing and in fact, Christmas can be an ideal time to think about our local businesses and quality, sustainable goods and produce.

At G.I Rogers and Son we’re proud to be part of this movement. Each one of our trees is carbon neutral as they take in Co2 gas in their growth and this is released after the tree has been displayed and is either used for fuel or disposed of as garden waste.

Buying our trees locally also reduces transport costs: a huge part of the unsustainability of many Christmas decorations.

Sustainability at Christmas

Want to make a difference to the environment this Christmas? Well, you could:
  • Purchase a real tree rather than an artificial one.
  • Burn candles that are soy, beeswax or coconut-oil based.
  • Have a go at making your own decorations- get the kids involved!
  • Use LED lights on your Christmas tree.
  • Plan your food shopping carefully to avoid waste and take your own bags so you don’t have to rely on plastic bags.
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British Christmas Tree Growers Association

G.I Rogers & Son is proud to be part of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association. As members we strive to ensure that all our trees are grown in a environmentally friendly and sustainable manner whist at the same time cultivating well shaped and healthy trees.

The association labels member with a seal of quality, so when you purchase from us you can be assured that you are getting the very best. To view our listing on the official BCTGA website please click here.

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